10 reasons to buy phpDesigner 8

10 reasons to buy
phpDesigner 8

There are many reasons why you should start use phpDesigner 8. Here are some...

Get it all here in just one package!

phpDesigner 8 is not only a powerful PHP IDE it's also a full-featured HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript editor it is a lot more!

phpDesigner 8 also supports other web languages such as SQL, XML, VBScript, Java, C#, Perl, Python, Ruby and Smarty which makes this the most complete web development environment ever!

"It’s like the Ferrari of PHP IDEs"

This is one of the fastest integrated development environments for PHP if not the fastest! I certainly encourage you to try it out and experience it for yourself! You can find other testimonials here.

Boost your productivity with phpDesigner 8

Do more in less time. phpDesigner 8 comes with tons of time-saving features so you can boost your productivity.

Work with any of your favorite PHP frameworks and popular JavaScript frameworks

Did you know that phpDesigner 8 supports all available PHP frameworks on the market? You can instantly access any classes, functions, variables located in your framework on the fly.

phpDesigner 8 supports popular JavaScript frameworks as jQuery, Ext JS, YUI, Dojo, MooTools and Prototype!

Learn to code PHP with phpDesigner 8

Did you know that phpDesigner 8 has a integration with the official PHP manual which allows you to lookup, learn and explore the world of PHP on the fly? Shorten your learning curve!

Use it, enjoy it and be amazed!

The philosophy behind phpDesigner 8 is to make it, enjoyable to use for hours for both beginners and professional developers through an easy-to-use-, intuitive- and customizable interface and workspace!

Free updates

Did you know that you will get free updates within the same version number? In order words you will get version 8.2, 8.5 and so on free of charge once you got version 8. See also the upgrade policy.

Free support

Did you know that phpDesigner comes with a perpetual license that also includes free unlimited e-mail support!

Fair usage policy

Did you know that you can install your license on your workstation at work (only commercial), on your laptop and on all your computers at home as long as you are the only user of it? In other words you can install your license on at least three different units...

Save money!

Did you know that phpDesigner is one of the cheapest alternatives but still more feature-loaded than its competitors?

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